Throughout the centuries Pocklington has developed as a market town and today still has a thriving market every Tuesday

The town is one of Yorkshires hidden gems, and strikes a fine balance between historical importance and modern day living, offering plentiful surprises for visitors from all over.

Just 11 miles from the northern tourism capital of York, visitors are continuing to latch onto the town. There are also a number of quaint shops and boutiques to pick up a bargain or two dotted around the town centre, which is made up of picturesque old houses and modern buildings.

Now Pocklington has a lot more to offer visitors than just history, the successful Pocklington Arts Centre has received critical acclaim and has grown to become one of the leading small theatres of its kind.

There are also top-class sports facilities within the town, including the Francis Scaife Sports Centre at Burnby Lane and the Henry Thirsk Amenity Centre on The Balk.

The surrounding area is renowned for its excellent cycle routes, and the town has recently seen more bike riding routes planned throughout the area which travel through scenic landscapes. Relaxing strolls include Pocklington Canal, Allerthorpe Common, Millington Wood and Chapel Hill.

The Crowning glory of Pocklingtons tourist destinations is undoubtedly Burnby Hall Gardens- a haven of beauty and tranquillity boasting the numerous species of water lilies that attract visitors from all over the world

Many more tourists are now discovering the delights of Pocklington and, as the town continues to grow, its reputation as a historic market town with future thrives, whether it be through the Arts Centre, Burnby Hall Gardens, the sporting and social aspects, the weekly market, the peaceful setting or the surrounding countryside, it never fails to impress.